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10 days and counting until election day and both candidates are hitting the election trail. and take you all of this and the east coast preparing for hurricane sandy. hello, everybody. i am uma, with american headquarters it starts right now. >> we have team coverage. and john robers and standing by in pensacola, florida. with edhenry in new hampshire with the president. john, what can you tell us about the mood and atmosphere out there. >> good american afternoon to you uma. 8000 people here.
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not like he's worried about winning the counties. everything in the panhandle is solidly republican. but what he is doing in pensacola is get out the vote. turn out the heat and numbers of voters and get coverage in the other counties where he is softer. and three city stop in florida and kissime. and orlando lakes north of tampa and traveling back and forth in the i-four corridor and taking the state of florida. he is ahead by a couple of points. but you can't take it for granted here in florida. at this speech, he will build on the themes he talked about everything. he is adopting a lot of what
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president obama was saying. big change is needed from the next administration and because there was a huge military presence egegland air force base and pensacola naval station, he would talk about the potential defense cuts under sequestration and obama trimming back. we are about to hit the national anthem and i probably shouldn't talk over that. and another significant thing happening today. early voting begins in florida today. get out and vote before election day. historically republicans had the edge with absentee vote and democrats had the vote with them voting early. >> john, thank you very much and continue our live team coverage with ed henry in new hampshire with the obama campaign. ed, what can you tell us.
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>> this is part of the president's final case to the american people. and monday is putting the pedal to the medal and he will be down in florida and starting and going late sunday and be down there on monday. starting here in new hampshire. bottom line is the adout. and his case with mitt romney. remember the old positions he said. and you go in to vote or in election day. bottom line they think mitt romney flip flopped and reminded he took conservative position and moving back to middle. romney campaign said it is a the president picking on mitt romney in a petty way they say such as the rolling stone.
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he used the actual profanity to describe mitt romney and here is the president pressed by that from a denver station. take a lock. >> this was a conversation after an interview, a casual interview with a reporter. and the basic point that i have been talking about in the campaign. people know what i mean and they know that i mean what i say and what i care about and who i am fighting for . no further evidence than the fact of the president of the united states coming here to new hampshire a week and half before the election . only four electoral votes. if he thought it was in the bag he wouldn't come here. look at the politics average. in this state the president's average and 48 and mitt romney 47.
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1.3 percent separating the men in a state that is got four electoral vote. >> they are fighting for every vote. >> no doubt about it. it is a tight race. i want to remind our viewers that we will keep a watch on the pensacola event with mitt romney. when it happens, we'll bring it to you live. okay. now the other big story. forecasters are keeping a eye on hurricane sandy as it makes its way up the eastern sea board. next week some say could be quite powerful. mara molina is standing by with the latest on the storm track. >> and good to see you, sandy is expected to be a storm of historical porportion. it is not your typical
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hurricane. and it is maximum sustained winds of 75 miles per hour and doesn't lock - on look like one. there is dry air in training and so not looking like a hurricane and it is a large storm system where the winds are basically impacting the stretch a thousand miles from the northern end to the southern end of the storm. many people will feel the impact and talk about the eastern parts of the carolina expecting tropical conditions and so gusting up to 50 miles per hour will be possible and heaviest rain on the coast and eight everyones was rainfall and as we head in portions of the northeast, we'll feel tropical storm suddens. and landfall is not expected until monday night. we'll have a prolonged event with heavy rain and beach erosion. and back side, snow is
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expected in parts of the appalachians. >> it is going to be a big, big storm. thank you very much. >> it is a busy weekend for the cand dastes on the campaign trail and paul ryan in the battle ground state. find the people that voted for obama in 08 because hope and change sounded good and now know it didn't happen and it was not real. hope and change is now anger and frustration and divide and conquer. we'll not fall for that are we. we have 10 day to go here and as you look at closing arguments, we are talking about what it take to get people back to work and the kind of leadership that mitt romney has provided throughout his life and running at problems to solve problems. there have been hundreds of millions of negative
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advertising. and there you have paul ryan out there in ohio, that key battle ground state. and presidential race is now a dead heat. clear politicings average showed mitt romney pulled ahead 48-47. and fox news battle ground shows the race is close in ohio. and romney has pulled within three points of the president. that has both candidates making a major push for the women and undied -- undecided voters. joining us now. the black helicopterers. dick morris, thank you for joining us today. >> good to be here uma. i noticed something interesting in the report from the obama speech. is that he's now using the flip noper issue against romney. the history of that was that the obama staff people wanted to use it.
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but according to the new york times story, clinton, former president clinton said no, it am not work. hit him on being too conservative and they followed his advice and now they are back tracking and trying to use the flip flopper issue again. it is very systematic of the lack of a message for obama. here nine days before the election. they are changing the negative message on romney having spent 7 months talking about other stuff. >> pointing out 10 days a way. and the porls are tightening up. when it comes to the swing states, you can antiwin without ohio. you don't feel everything hingos that state, why? >> undecided vote always goes against the incumbent and significantly less propensity
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of the obama people to vote than the romney people to vote just in terms of motivation. i believe that you start off with 179 electoral votes and states that mccain won and north carolina and indiana and remember marginal obama states and usually republican. and that bringings you up to 204 and then you have florida, colorado and virginia. where the poems that i seen all show romney ahead. by reasonable margins 3-6 points and i think we have those three states. and that is 51 votes and that is to 255. and now he needs 270 to win and needs 15 extra votes and that will not be hard to do. there are eightitates with a combination of 98 electoral votes that are in the middle and in all of those they are in one or two points of each
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other. new hampshire contrary to the real politics average. recent and good polling shows romney two or three ahead . pennsylvania 20 votes where it shows mitt romney three ahead and ohio 18. tied . wisconsin 10, tied and michigan 15. they are tided. and minnesota 16 and obama is ahead by three . nevada 9. obama ahead by two. and iowa 6 they are tied. he's going to win at least 15 votes from the states and probably more like 45 or 50. and i think romney is on track to a significant victory and i think when we look back at this we will wonder why we thought it was so close. >> when it comes to women voters romney closed the gap particularly after his debate. women will tell you the economy is the top concern. yesterday's numbers showing a slight rise in the gdp and
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final unemployment report that comes out before the election. could it have an impact if it shows improvement as well? >> first of all 2.0 percent is enemic and border line recession . i do expect the job numbers to show a huge improvement on friday. it is called bls. and drop the l for the preelection data that is coming out. i don't think it will be a impact. what do you believe? my speeches or your own eyes. and statistics? >> i think romney opened up a two-one edge in who would be the best candidate to handle the economy. i don't think obama will be able to gain with that. >> also in foreign policy. you will hear a lot of revelations that came out about the tragic benghazi attack and we know that cia
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operatives for help were denied in the attack. you think the investigation has impact on the undecided voters at this point? >> yeah, i think it will to some extent. he doesn't look good in this, but the more affect is frees the action between sand yethis, the hurricane and libya, you know it really drowns everything else out . for a president is clearly losing right now, the worst thing to have is 10 days was being drowned out and that seems to me what is likely to happen. >> because of sandy dominating the headlines and. >> sandy and libya. >> i mean, what is obvious in libya. what is obvious in libya is hillary cut back on the security and they didn't reenforce. but the reason they didn't is because the president wanted a
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minimal security presence in the world and so they didn't see american troops and they weren't upset. and then when the attack happened, obama went out for two weeks and lied about it and he said it a popular demonstration gone bad and it was all about a movie and now he's saying we have to investigate what happened and it is obvious what happened. you have videotapes and live witness testimonies and he's saying this investigation is so complicated it may not be finished until after election day. that is a cover up andit think the american people get it and i think that anyone who looks at it should get it. compare what happened with the valerie plain affair and no one died and nothing bad happened and no crime was committed, with this, whenwhere an ambassador was kill three other men kill consulate was destroyed and
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our territory violated. it is the worst thing that happened to us since the hostage crisis in terps of iran and our embassy and the president going to the united nations and covering it up. >> dick it is great to have you on board. we appreciate it i know you will be watching the event closely over the next 10 days and we thank you for joining us today. >> have a nice show. >> and we also want to remind our viewers that we are monitoring the romney event in pensacola, florida. when romney come tots podium we'll bring it to you live. don't go away. >> the election doesn't have anything to do with four brave americans getting killed and us finding out what happened? >> folks news investigation reveals dramatic new information. and why endangered americans were denied help is raising more questions about what happened.
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former chief-of-staff and to george w. bush will tell us why the administration is going wrong. >> and hurricane sandy, the latest from our fox news extreme weather center coming your way next. [ owner ] i need to expand to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for ten years running. so come talk to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. together we'll go far. between taking insulin and testing mylood sugar...e, wells fargo. is this part of your life? freestyle lite test strips? why, are they any... beep! wow, that hardly needs
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>> welcome back. we'll take you out to pensacola, florida and governor romney is expected to address the people. they are keeping the momentum. marco rubio is expected to speak ahead of the governor. and we'll bring you the comments live. forecasters keeping a close eye on hurricane sandy and maria molena with the latest on the storm. what can you tell us. will we'll talk about the event romney in pensacola, florida. and we are expecting to see the governor shortly as campaign events tend to run
9:21 am
late and in this case that is what is happens. i want to bring in andy card now who was a former chief-of-staff to george bush and we'll talk to him about the ongoing in the benghazi terror attackings. welcome, sir and great to have you on board today? >> great to be with you. >> the situation in white house -- the situation in the white house, we have had so many conflicting comments from people in the administration. i think they would want to tell us what they knew when they knew it. and it is obvious that the statement that the u.s. representative to the united nations made. the attacks that the attack
9:22 am
centered around a radio clip is not accurate . the brave men and women were asking for help. they have to be able to help the ambassor and when they asked for help themselves for protection. they were denied protection and that's what it looks like from all of the correspondance that we are learning. i guarantee that the white house knew what was happen did not offer the leadership. >> we heard from charles woods this week. his remarks so move compelling it is baffling now to discover that pleas for back up help were denied and we know that thentious vents unfolded in the attack they were monitor nothing real-time. from your experience in the white. given the fact that it happened over 7 hours, would the president would be looped in and any chance not have
9:23 am
known how serious it was? i down the he didn't know. i suspect he was well informed and i guarantee that the white house situation room knew what happen i suspect that that information went to the deputy national security advisor and national security advisor and homeland security and probably the chief-of-staff and i suspect taken to the president and vice-president. and i suspect that the secretary of defense and the cia director would have known what was going on and probably the secretary of state and i suspect that you would have had a lot of communication taken place from subordinates to figure out what was happening. we know they had communication from the people on the ground and we know that they had the ability to watch in real-time what happening because drones that were showing what happen broadcasting back to the
9:24 am
secure communication back in washington d.c., which would have included the white house situation room. >> given that, and since you know what goes on in the white house situation room and first hand what happens once a crisis is underway. who gives final orders about a military response when it come from the defense secretary and who would give the order to stand down? >> that's what we have to find out. i can't imagine that the order to stand down would have been given. i don't know what would have given that . maybe the order of more troops and attack would have had to come from the president and secretary of defense. i suspect an order to stand down did not bring it down. we should find out and i am surprised that the president hasn't come forward and wants to find out. he said be patient and if i were the president and i didn't know what was
9:25 am
happening, i would be upset and demand the answers right now . he doesn't seem to be demanding the answers. i respect his deputy national security and homeland security advisor knew about it but if the president didn't know shame on them. and i can't believe he wouldn't be angry he cannot know. he said let's see what happens with the investigation and that's not the way to lead. >> let me ask you this. secretary of defense said the military lacked enough information to intervene and didn't want to put our forces at risk. in the congressional investigation, state department officials confirm it was monitored in real time and there is a video to back it up and military drones were there. how could he say they lacked information?
9:26 am
i can making an informed decision and not putting people at risk to find a solution. that is not a default position. the default is help and rescue them. you could have sent anes making lots of noise and scaring people on the hand. i don't think they tried to do that. we have to find out what they did do. we know they did not respond in real-time to a real request for help. they didn't authorize the young people in the cia to go in and protect the ambassador. when they were ready, willing and able. instead it too late and ty woods is a hero for having gone in and trying to rescue the ambassador. his body gon and he helped to bring other people out including a dead person . yet, a hero, ty woods is a hero. and it is outrageous that we don't know more about what.
9:27 am
clearly it is enough time to understand. we know for sure what the administration put out is the reason for the attack was not the reason for the attack. that was nolt a response to a video clip or trailer from the movie. a plan orchestred terrorist attack on the benghazi office. >> is that a cover up should the video be released to the public i don't know if i know it is enough to say cover up. but it appears that people were nolt sharing the information to the right people . beyond that, if the president and others in the white house knew that what obesity ambassador rice was going to say on tv or the press secretary was going to say to the press corp on was not accurate they should have
9:28 am
stopped them from saying something that was nolt accurate . the spin put out by ambassador rice and the press secretary were not accurate and maybe secretary rice may have not known what was happening. but somebody knew the truth and they allowed her to go out and say not the truth. i am not sure it a cover up of the event. it may have been very poor and malicious communication within the white house,? andy card. thank you for your insight. we appreciate it it look at governor romney campaign rally. we are standing by. and we expect can youy mac and marco rubio will speak in the rally of 10,000 or so. and when whey does speak we'll take you there live on the
9:29 am
important weekend just 10 days before the big day to vote. the race is a dead heat, folks and early voting begins today in florida. stay with us . where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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>> welcome back. it is a busy saturday. president obama and mitt romney aring a 10 day sprint to the white house. both teams hope sandy will not detract. we are awaiting governor's event. peter doocy is standing by with more on that and the rest of the top stories. >> sandy has both campaignings adjusting the schedules at this critical juncture of the race. romney event in virginia beach cancemed but the governor is going through florida . president is in new hampshire.
9:34 am
vice-president biden is in virginia this afternoon. this election. congress could see the largest fab of latindo evented to the house ever. latino elect appointed officials said 49 latinos are seeking house skeets and twen are likely to win. >> the cycling union upons four million back from lance armstrong. earned that. and those titles were stripped. and game three of the world series is tonight. san francisco giants take on the detroit tigers in detroit. giants lead two-nothing. starting at seven : 30 eastern on fox. those are the top stories, back to you. >> a lot of anxious fannings are looking forward to that
9:35 am
one. this a father of one. americans . american that died speaks out. saying it is murder. molly has more on what the president and not saying. >> fox learned that the americans under fire in the consulate in the cia annex in benghazi asked it is cia to send in back ups three times . were told all three timings. president obama was can and he repeated an investigation is ongoing. >> everybodiitate department and our military and cia and you name it had number one priority making sure people are safe. these are our folks and on out what happened . we'll make sure that we are
9:36 am
identifying those who carried out the terrible attacks. the battle for the cianex went on four hours and enough time for military support to arrive but it didn't com. cia ins that it did not deny the request. a spokeswoman said no one in any level of the cia told anybody not to help those in need. claims to the contrary are inaccurate . defense secretary panetta said military leaders didn't have enough information. the pentagon said it did not refuse request. thuation killing four americans including tyrone woods seen here on the right. his father is demanding to know who made the decision not to help his son.
9:37 am
>> who made the decision and knew about the decision and lied about it are murders of my son. that is a strong statement but it is for their benefit they need to clear their conscience. >> republican senator john mccain is critizing the pentagon for the lack of leadership that the military could not get to the state of readiness to get there in time. >> thank you very: many questions were answered as to why the military did not bring forces to benghazi. senator john mccain said there was no way the military could have intervened. >> there are forces all over the mediterranean and europe. they were not in the state of readiness that they could have been. and the aspect of it is, it was well known there were two attacks on the facility as you know. and in april and in june.
9:38 am
dinner you can hear more about the special investigation. benghazi new revelation that is coming up at 1:00 p.m. eastern and tomorrow at three and 10:00 p.m. eastern time. we are learning about a foil would terror plot in the indonesia ambassador. terrorist are underarrest. the spokesman told the associated press that the men belonged to a movement for indonesian society. and it was a bomb making manual and a number of explosives. >> she provided a quiet voice of protest. malala, the 15 year old shot in the head by the taliban for daring to want to go to school
9:39 am
is at a critical turning point. she is unable to talk but can write and stand. before her parents left to visit her. malala asked her father to bring her school books. he called her progress still a miracle. >> the other story we are following today. hurricane sandy. it is creeping up the east coast and northeast and bracing for a big impact. meteorologist maria molina is tracking the storm. what can you tell us at that hour? >> we know that sandy is a hurricane and maximum sustained winds . by the time it approaches the midatlantic coast in monday night when landfall is expected it could be a hybrid system. it is post tropical. and regardless was a hurricane or not. it will produce beach erosion and strong wind and flooding .
9:40 am
on the back end of the storm system we have the probability of heavy snow. here is the time line. ventually it will head inland monday night it could be a category one hurricane and tuesday morning inland and weeken and because it is a large stong system it will be weakening slow. it will have 65 miles per hour on tuesday morning. we expect storm conditions in eastern carolina. and heavy rain possible and some spots could get a foot of rain and flooding is a huge concern. on the northern end you get the on shore flow. coastal flooding is a big concern . we expect the wind to increase down in cape cod and norfolk, virginia and cape pattersis.
9:41 am
and winds are 25 to 50 miles per hour and you can get strongers and monday when the storm is expected to push inland we'll continue to so more heavy rain and strong winds and coastal flooding. this will be a prolonged event. >> and concerns about power out ages. >> thank you very much. >> we are awaiting governor romney in the huge campaign rally in pensacola, florida. and senator marco rubio is slated to introduce the governor and right now he is ahead by three percentage points. early votersing begins there today. we'll take you live to the event when the governor hits the stage, stay with us. oh the kids would love this hot wheels wall tracks with monster jumper. i think there gonna love this, leapfrog leappad2 with games and apps. i say we flip a coin. y mean with your doue-headed coin? you knoyou could put both those things on layaway and pay a little at a time.
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>> take a look at this. the scene was clear now and things were a mess in i-70 and
9:46 am
colorado. fiery crash that led to a pile up with 10 semitruckings. it worsened because of icy conditions. one fire caught fire and turned the scene in a blaze. it was closed eight hours and no one was seriously injured. >> the federal government is supposed to funnel billions to. and rumors are flying about the impact the deal could have on the presidential election. doug has the story from gulf shore, alabama. two years since the worst ecological disaster the beaches are pristeen but the pol tibs are not. >> chicago style politics at its worst. >> closed doors negotiations are underway. between the governors and the justice department to determine how much bp will be
9:47 am
fined. it will be four billion to 20 billion dollars. last june, congress passed the restore act and requires that it will be allotted by the local officials. >> we were closed for the summer of 20 thereto 10. it is our year. we are a seasonal destination. >> we came off a building bubble. and hurricane and financial crisis and we were broke. >> and sources close to the talks tell fox news that justice department negotiators are ignoring the restore act and will want to steer it through the natural resources damage estimate that require federal and not local officials to pass out the money and limit to only repairing ecological damage and not economic. >> the state that stands to be a big winner is state of florida. who has the most beaches. florida's beaches were
9:48 am
comparativelily unscathed. doj is putting negotiators to settle by november 6th. >> it is plain on the nose on the face it is all about florida it is a swing state that goes in to the fund and directed by the justice and oversight by bp. it will go to florida, and parts of florida that had wrero damage. >> fox news asked. a spokesman said we decline to comment and thanks for touching base. >> if doj disperse its through the gnarl resource after the accident sessment. bp would be able to tax write off and it would be unavailable to them for a restore act. >> bullet for ballot, not quite but close. a owner is hosting a ralph for a handgun and rifle. anybody can participate. but it implies for those who
9:49 am
actually vote. >> the state senator is complaining. but the secretary of state's office said it is open to everyone. give away for votes are illegal in the state of the georgia. investigation in the libya attack heats up. cia agents were told not to go to the aid of the ambassador and others in the consulate. we want to hear from you. does the obama administration's handling of the benghazi affect your vote . we are watching hurricane sandy churning off of the coast at this hour. we'll have a live update coming up. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles
9:50 am
military families face, we understan at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help.
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>> thank you, pensacola, and thank you very much. you know, today is the first day of early voting. so when you are done here today, what are you going to do? you are going to go out and vote and call your friend and neighbors and call your family, no matter where they are and tell them to get out and vote. and so it is my honor and privilege to introduce that needs no introduction. our senator marco rubio.
9:54 am
[applause] thank you. thank you. thank you . thank you. thank you. thank you, guys so much. thank you. let me tell you, this is a lot of people. [applause] i never seen so many people for one place for someone who can't sing. listen thank you for being a part of this. i want to thank you for manage you did a couple of years ago. thank you for allowing me to have the privilege of serving you in the united states senate. when i got to the senate on your behalf. i walked in one of those first meetings and saw the famous faces i had seen so many yearos tv. wow, that guy ran for president over there and almost president over there and that guy was a
9:55 am
vice-president nominee. i would ask myself how did i get here? six months later i looked around and said how did they get here? [applause] >> we need help. we need help. and that's why i am asking you for a favor. i am asking you to send connie mack to the u.s. senate. we need a majority in the senate because we have a chance to do something special. we have talked. i don't think the american people need to hear about the last four years and not even barack obama want to talk about the last four years anymore. he just put out a picture book that he calls his plan for the next four years. and unfortunately there is nothing innovative in the
9:56 am
picture book. does the ideas that have failed and expensive ideas and the ideas of countries from countries that people come here to get away from. [applause] today, we are here to talk about the next eight years. [applause] today we are talking about looking ahead . to a new american century. the 20th century was the american century. where the world is a safer and better place because we were the most powerful economy and most powerful military power on the earth. [applause] and pensacola knows that as well as any community america. -- in america. with all . bad news in the press these days about our economy and
9:57 am
jobs, we are not that far away from a better future if only a few things happen. we are a tax reform away. we are regulatory reform away and repeal and replacement of obama care away? -- away. we are a pro american energy away. we are a romney president away from a american century. [applause] and that is just not important because we love our country, that is important because when american. when america's light is diminished the world will be worse off for it. and the fact that america is a strong military power and short safety and navigation of the seas there. is a reason why china is
9:58 am
investing mon nerockets to attack our ships and the reason why they are building their own aircraft carriers and other counselries are increasing their military power. the world is dangerous place. it needs a strong america more than it has before. [applause] but we also, we also need a stronger economy and there is no reason why we can't have one. we are a pro-american energy policy from a renaissance in american manufacturing and that's what mitt romney will do. [applause] if we can have tax reform, just a normal tax code, where the rates are affordable and easy to comply with, and regulations that make sense, you don't have to hire entire law if i weres to comply with, and if we can repeal and replace obama care, -- [applause]
9:59 am
our children, our children and our grandchildren will be the most prosperous americans ever. this is what we have a chance to do. you can't do it with a president that doesn't believe in the free enterprize system and leaderships in washington that don't understand the free enterprise system. they think it is a spending program or new regulation or agency of government. now, they are going to claim that is not their ideas. but i have a picture book to prove it [applause] here is the great news. as big as the crowd is here today they are just as big everywhere else in the country. all across america, mitt romney and paul ryan are giving speeches just like the ones here today and the crowds are growing and the excitement is building because

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